For The First Time In A Long While

Only after I’d finished lunch did it occur to me that today was a special day. For the first time in literally two damned weeks, I have nothing to study for, nothing to prepare, nothing to stress about for tomorrow. Days like these I sit back and think to myself what kind of things I can do during this study-free afternoon. You’re going to laught at this, or possibly think I’m whacko, but the first thing that came to my mind was “hey, why don’t you start studying for that Biology exam you have on Friday?”
I mean, I was just talking about how relieved I am that I have nothing to study, yet here I am, thinking about studying.

I gave myself a relaxing bath with chocolate-scented handmade soap from Beesline, pampering almond hair conditioner, and aromatic cammomile shampoo. It was nice. Totally needed that.
I will try to cover some concepts concering my Biology test, but I really do miss reading, and I haven’t listened to music for more than 10 minutes ina a while, so I guess I’ll fetch my headphones, turn up the volume on my AC/DC playlist, and just chill. Before I go to sleep I’ll manage a few chapters of the book I left aside two weeks ago and experience that adrenaline rush it gives me.
I don’t know where to go with this. I had some ideas to write about during class today when my mind wandered off a bit and came to WordPress, so I’ll prepare a few posts when I have the time.
This is it for now. I’m…happy. So until next time, enjoy the moments of free time you get, stay in touch with what you love, pamper yourself, work/study hard, and keep blogging!


Testing Trauma

Today was the first time I took the Official SAT, and I’m worn out. I’d taken a model SAT at school under the same conditions and everything, but that was just to familiarize myself with the actual test, and needless to say, I wasn’t half as worried then as I was today.

Besides the quite-normal pre-test nerves and jumpiness, the weather at the test center was rather cold. I did not expect such a cold breeze there, so I wore a light shirt and jeans. Consequently, I froze my ass off during the test and shivered uncontrollably.

The English section had everything I’d been practicing and expected to encounter, and the Math section was relatively easier than what I’d practiced at home, but I got nervous during the test, and my mind sort of shut down at the cold weather, so I couldn’t think straight and took more time than usual on some questions, which meant I did not have enough time to complete some others.

I can take the test again as many times as I want as long as it’s before 2016 because the format will have changed by then, and I’m not prepared for the new version, but I can’t say I’m not pissed I didn’t do a great job. I have college goals in mind, so I need high scores, and I can’t get those of my brain shuts down every fucking time.

I have a headache, and I’m hungry. I’ll leave it at this.

Until next time, practice keeping your brain alert, prepare emotionally for upcoming tests, work hard for your goals whatever they are, and keep blogging.

Academic Annoyance

Ugh. I don’t want to go to school today. I mean, I feel amazing! I don’t want my energy to be wasted at school…
Too bad I have no choice. Bus arrives in 15 minutes.

Until next time, consume your energy properly, put up with life’s misfortunes (school, ugh), be kind, and keep blogging!