If all words should fail and all lights dim

If all hope should abandon you on a whim

Worry not, dear child,

For all the letters that make up these words

and all the rays that light up this Earth

are wisely controlled

by none other than Him. 



Beautiful Poetry

The following poem is not of my own work; it is a piece I found on Wattpad a few years ago, written by a user whose name I have failed to remember. Credits go to their rightful owner.

Holding it seems so natural; so innate.
She breathes in, the music pours out and fills her soul completely.
As the bow glides on red strings, the therapeutic sound traps her in a cycle she cannot leave.
The melody catches her tears; the silence creates them.
Addicted to the song she plays for eternity.
The music blinds her, for she cannot see
That her violin is broken, and so is she.


He is there
He is not
He is there
He is not

He is there
He is there indeed

Her lips, his bed
Her curled locks, his monkey bars
Her tears, his water slide
Her eyes, his fishing pond
Her brain, his library
Her heart, his sanctuary
Her body, his territory.


It is during the darkest hour of the night

that I feel myself come to life

as though the nocturnal wanderers

have roared my name


wild thoughts cross my mind

and I stiffen in my bed

contemplating my existence

My mind takes me on a journey

of self-discovery

as broken souls play their melodies

on trashed violins

The sound of evil resonates in my skull

and awakens the demons lurking within

Caught up in the madness,

I have lost control over my senses

and it seems that my passionate soul

has caught the attention of those beyond the grave

who have gone too soon

and are now envious of my soul

Then the deafening silence

pulls me out of my paralysis

and I realize just why

I was shut out my entire life

from the company of my living friends


I wake up
worn out and disoriented
to a pitch-black enclosure

I creep out of bed
reaching out for something to hold on to

Chilled to the bone
I stumble on the moist floor
Blood, I can smell it

A few steps further send me falling down
Hovering in an endless abyss

I hold my breath
Desperate heartbeats lead them my way

“Run”, they say sardonically
But the walls close in
With every step I take

Forsaking my powers
I stiffen in my spot
Eyeing them as they approach me

The smirks on their distorted faces
Light up their trenchant claws

They plunge them into my lungs
And twist them forcibly

They let out sinister laughs
As I fade away

I arouse again
Wan and out of breath

The beasts have ceased to exist
I am home
I am safe
I am alive.