New Beginnings

Today is my first day at university. I’ve been trying to picture this day for the past two weeks and it was never something like this. As I sit here in the library trying to come up with words to say about how conflicted I am right now, I can’t help but feel like all those other students are judging me rather than minding their own business at their computers. I’m a bit scared… Okay maybe not a bit — I’m really scared. When I walked into my psychology class my heart was racing; I felt the blood rush to my face and my breath shortened. It was filled with people I’d never seen before. Some my age, some way older, different majors and different interests. That wasn’t really in my comfort zone… I took a seat and then the professor walked in. He asked us to introduce ourselves and we did. After that he spoke a bit then dismissed us. My heartbeat slowed and my muscles started to relax again. I have another class in an hour. I’ll stick around in the library then find my way. This should get easier with time.

Until next time, practice breathing…it comes in handy, expect the unexpected, put yourself out there, and keep blogging.