Slightly Positive Outlook

Today was off to a relatively good start. Tired and stressed out, I fell asleep reluctantly at 11:30 last night, first time I’ve slept that early all summer. At around 4 AM I woke up feeling rested but still a bit sleepy. Seconds after I closed my eyes, I was asleep again. When I woke up again for the last time, it was 8:05 AM, and I felt much better. The night had gone by without any disturbing dreams or sweaty bed sheets; sounds great if you ask me.

The rest of the day has yet to be planned out. It’s only been a few hours since I woke up, but I intend on doing something satisfying today, maybe shake off those feelings of self-pity I’ve been having lately.

The novel I’m reading was left abandoned yesterday. It’s kind of weird I didn’t reach out to it when I felt so lonely. Anyway, I do have to catch up on reading today if I’m going to finish this book in time to start the others.

If the weather looks better this afternoon I might go out for a run; it’s been a while since I was so satisfied. If not, I’ll just jump rope until my feet bleed.

Until further notice, get enough sleep, keep your body worked out, make sure you’re satisfied with your current state, and keep blogging.


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