An It’s-About-Time Decision

Summers have always been a bit boring to me, mainly because I barely go out. I don’t think of going out unless there’s a reason, and apparently my personal entertainment is not on the list of reasons. I keep myself busy with reading – lots of it – working out, hand lettering (I’m still a novice), and whatever comes to my mind. I’ve decided I want to do something with my life; I’m 17 and have the social skills of a slug, I’ll be starting university next fall, and I feel terrible about myself, so I’m going to get involved in volunteer work. One of my friends recently joined a charity foundation that helps needy children and their families to get an education, clothing, and other basic needs. I’ll call to get more information on what I can do to help and whether there’s a spot for me there. I’m pretty excited about this. I hope it works out.

I’ll update on what happens tomorrow, so until then, improve your social skills, put yourself out there, invest your abilities in helping those in need, and keep blogging.


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