Just Admit It

There are a lot of things out there that piss me off to the point where I seriously feel like punching someone/something, and most of those stem primarily from my encounters with people.

I’m introverted by nature; that doesn’t mean I totally shut myself out all the time and avoid others, but I don’t quite feel the need to be around people I’m not familiar with. Anyway, you could say I don’t always see the good side in others the moment I meet them, but that can actually be a good thing as I could be saving myself – and the person – potential harm.

See, when you meet someone for the first time and they make an effort to show you everything they’ve got, including their most dreaded features, it’s actually easier for you to decide whether or not that person is friend-material. Like when someone tries to make it clear from the first time that s/he thinks s/he knows everything. I find that extremely annoying, and I hate those people. What’s funnier, though, is that when you’re having an argument or a discussion with that person, and you’re trying to back your point of view with things that you actually fucking know, that person, being the self-centered, pain-in-the-ass, sir know-it-all that s/he is will have the nerve to tell you: “You don’t know that; you don’t know everything.” And that’s where I lose it. In my head I’ll be like “listen up you ignorant fuck, I’m not the one who’s spent the last 2 months bitching about things that I barely know of as if I’d taught them at Harvard or some fancy-ass American university every time someone tries to reason something out with me. I’m talking, and I know what I’m talking about, and I’m not waiting for you or anyone else to come up here and confirm what I just said because if I weren’t damned sure of it, I wouldn’t have my tongue on the loose blabbering shit here and there.”

In that case I’ll try to distance myself slowly first, making it a bit obvious that I’m not willing to make friends with said person. If, however, s/he persists and starts bugging me, I will say it to his/her face that I find his/her attitude irritating and retreat to a safe distance in case said person does not know how to handle reality. Aaand if something advances, I’ll break it off by saying that I don’t think our personalities match and that we should probably avoid future misunderstandings by ending this at an early stage.

But some people still don’t get it. No matter how much you try to explain to them that they simply cannot know EVERYTHING, it just doesn’t work. Somewhere inside their heads they’re certain nothing beats their intelligence; they might have  misinterpreted some signs and concluded that they were the chosen ones amongst us ignorant peasants. Maybe they had those parents that kept telling them they were always better than everyone else and that they could be anything so they decided to be all-knowing. I don’t know. And no matter how many times you insult them for being so stuck up and cocky about it, they won’t care, even if all their friends leave them, even if they were alone in some deserted land and their only way of getting saved was admitting that they don’t know everything, they will hold on; they will never let it go. They will always know everything, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Well I hope they know that their attitude is eventually going to kill them. Maybe some day they’ll “know” that cup’s not Hydrochloric acid and drink it. I just hope they know that they’ll never know it all.

So until next time, try to resist punching those people, make your way out of bad friendships as soon as you can, listen to others every once in a while, never pretend you know stuff, and keep blogging.


15 thoughts on “Just Admit It

  1. I am fairly sure that no one likes a know it all, except for the know it all themselves! Right? And coming in a close second are the “askholes” – you know, the ones who ask you what to do, or how to do something, and then just ignore what you said and go on to fuck it up their own way, thinking they know best.

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  2. I used to have a friend like that in high school. I’m glad we are not friends anymore! The sad thing is that most of my friends ate lunch with her so I can’t avoid her. So I sucked it up and get used to it for my friends. Even though we are not friends, she kept talking down to me during lunch which is fucking annoying. I didn’t understand why she was still talking to me even though we are not in good terms. Again! I’m so glad she is not my friend anymore.

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    1. Ouch that must’ve been so hard for you. A person like that recently tried to make friends with me, and I noticed his attitude and absolutely hated it. I kept it to myself, though, since we didn’t talk that much. But one time we were having a very normal discussion, and he jumped right in and began throwing his assumptions, some of those concerning my personal life, and that was where I’d had enough of his sick mentality. I went right to him and told him everything, and he said he’d try to cut it off. It’s starting to work, haha.


  3. Can I vent?

    I was in a car once, with a bunch of people, and the driver didn’t know the way to our destination. I tried to direct him, but this other guy jumped in insisting on a different route. We argued a bit, but he was very emphatic, and the driver followed his directions. I shrugged – maybe he knew a short cut or something, right?
    Then we got completely lost, and the guy said “Oh, well no-one knew where we were going, so I just took a guess”.
    You know those times where you realise that if you do anything you want to do you’ll probably get arrested? This was one of those times.

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