School: Out!


You hear that? The sound of no alarm at 6 AM, the sound of no teachers bitching around, the sound ย of no tests, no complaints, no crying and pre-test all nighters. That is the sound of freedom

…until September 1st when I have to go back there against my will, but it’ll be my last year in that hell hole. That’s the only silver lining that cloud’s got.

Well, since school’s out I guess I’ll have to find myself something else to complain about for the summer. Don’t worry, I’m sure something will come up sooner or later. Until then, I’ll make sure I update you on my boring life although I do have a few things in mind for this summer. I sure do hope it’ll be more eventful than the past ones.

I think I deserve to pamper myself a bit now, so I’ll make myself a DIY coffee facial scrub and then take a long shower to get those last traces of school out of my system.

I have an idea for a mini poem. I’ll work on it tomorrow, so make sure you give it a read.

Until next time, fellow bloggers, enjoy your summer, pamper yourself, stay optimistic (although most of the time I’m not), and keep blogging!


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