Where Confusion Meets Bad Timing

Last time I posted something here I was getting emotionally prepared to give up my social life for a while because, you know, finals suck the life out of you- both your physical and social life.

The past few weeks I’ve spent studying, complaining, taking advantage of whatever free time I get to catch up on sleep, and, of course, procrastinating. I never slept, though; I usually just lay down because I can’t seem to fall asleep during the day.

Only yesterday did it occur to me that I miss my virtual social friends and activity. Yes, that’s you, WordPress buddies! I miss the drive when I type up a post, the thrill I get when I get a notification, the mini happy dance I do when I get a new Reader on board, and the connection I feel when I read the posts on my Dashboard.

I could update you on what’s been going on for me, only that there’s not much worth mentioning besides what I said at the beginning, that I feel like crap about school and can’t wait for this torture to end.

And like, shit, what the Hell happened to OM? I read a post saying his blog’s still there, but he’s somehow disappeared? What in the world on while I was away? I used to read his blog every single day, and when I went away for a while he fucking goes missing? Sheesh. If any of you knows what happened please let me know; I’m very confused right now.

Talk about confusion, I came home from school today with a massive headache, lay there on my bed, and somehow fell asleep. I never sleep during the afternoon- like never- but I woke up 4 hours later with o idea of who I am and why I’m here. I thought I’d died in my sleep or something and was in some alternate universe. I really don’t know. I checked my phone and realised it was still Monday, and I was home alone. I called my mom and she said she had an appointment at the dentist’s, so I just sat there watching TV till someone came home and I no longer felt so lost. I was surprisingly energized and my headache was gone. I like naps now.

So until next time, keep your social life active, watch out for your mental health, keep an eye out for your friends so they don’t go missing, take as many little naps as you can, and don’t forget to keep blogging.


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