An It’s-About-Time Decision

Summers have always been a bit boring to me, mainly because I barely go out. I don’t think of going out unless there’s a reason, and apparently my personal entertainment is not on the list of reasons. I keep myself busy with reading – lots of it – working out, hand lettering (I’m still a novice), and whatever comes to my mind. I’ve decided I want to do something with my life; I’m 17 and have the social skills of a slug, I’ll be starting university next fall, and I feel terrible about myself, so I’m going to get involved in volunteer work. One of my friends recently joined a charity foundation that helps needy children and their families to get an education, clothing, and other basic needs. I’ll call to get more information on what I can do to help and whether there’s a spot for me there. I’m pretty excited about this. I hope it works out.

I’ll update on what happens tomorrow, so until then, improve your social skills, put yourself out there, invest your abilities in helping those in need, and keep blogging.


Teenage Years: The Struggles and Public Perception

The general view on teenagers varies widely depending on the region, time, trends, and, of course, social stereotypes.

Well, I’m a teenager. I don’t know what comes to people’s minds when they see me, but I can safely assume most of the image they have doesn’t apply to me. In fact, it doesn’t really apply to anyone. It might be common to think that teenagers are rude, hate adults, go wild in terms of parties and substance abuse, dress provocatively to look cool or popular, etc… While a lot of teenagers do fit into that description, it is simply unfair to shove us all into the same category.

I don’t like it when I walk into a restaurant or a diner with my friends and the waiter/waitress gives us a cold look because s/he immediately assumes we’re going to be stuck up and rude. I don’t like the way I’m  not taken seriously when I ask about the job market and university majors on demand. And I certainly don’t it when someone assumes I don’t know what I want because my choices might seem a bit odd to them.

Why do I have to deal with this? Why can’t I be taken for who I am? Why can’t people see beyond their noses and stop looking at us like we’re a herd of sheep on crack?

Not all teenagers are immature. Not all teenagers are rude. Not all teenagers want to party and get high all the time. Just because that’s what you see in American movies – a bunch of drunk, irresponsible, hormonal kids – doesn’t mean it’s true. At least not for everyone.

I know what I want; I have my life planned and sorted out. All I can do now is work my way over there. I want an education, then a job, then a spouse and a family. Sure I can loosen up and have fun when I want to; I never said I was against all that, but you don’t have to automatically picture me at a night club, drunk and half-naked.

Teenagers are not yet adults but no longer children. They’re not completely independent yet but no longer immature. You can’t hold them responsible for all their actions because there’s still a part of them that hasn’t grown yet. They are in the process of becoming adults, so you can’t judge them and expect them to act all-wise and insightful. You will, however come across some teenagers who will sweep you away with their intelligence and shock you with their wisdom.

Think of it as a shoe. You can’t fit everyone’s feet into the same shoe. You can find two people with the same shoe size, but their feet might have different shapes.

So until next time, eliminate those prior judgments you have of people, disregard  absurd stereotypes, treat people the way they deserve to be treated, and keep blogging,

Just Admit It

There are a lot of things out there that piss me off to the point where I seriously feel like punching someone/something, and most of those stem primarily from my encounters with people.

I’m introverted by nature; that doesn’t mean I totally shut myself out all the time and avoid others, but I don’t quite feel the need to be around people I’m not familiar with. Anyway, you could say I don’t always see the good side in others the moment I meet them, but that can actually be a good thing as I could be saving myself – and the person – potential harm.

See, when you meet someone for the first time and they make an effort to show you everything they’ve got, including their most dreaded features, it’s actually easier for you to decide whether or not that person is friend-material. Like when someone tries to make it clear from the first time that s/he thinks s/he knows everything. I find that extremely annoying, and I hate those people. What’s funnier, though, is that when you’re having an argument or a discussion with that person, and you’re trying to back your point of view with things that you actually fucking know, that person, being the self-centered, pain-in-the-ass, sir know-it-all that s/he is will have the nerve to tell you: “You don’t know that; you don’t know everything.” And that’s where I lose it. In my head I’ll be like “listen up you ignorant fuck, I’m not the one who’s spent the last 2 months bitching about things that I barely know of as if I’d taught them at Harvard or some fancy-ass American university every time someone tries to reason something out with me. I’m talking, and I know what I’m talking about, and I’m not waiting for you or anyone else to come up here and confirm what I just said because if I weren’t damned sure of it, I wouldn’t have my tongue on the loose blabbering shit here and there.”

In that case I’ll try to distance myself slowly first, making it a bit obvious that I’m not willing to make friends with said person. If, however, s/he persists and starts bugging me, I will say it to his/her face that I find his/her attitude irritating and retreat to a safe distance in case said person does not know how to handle reality. Aaand if something advances, I’ll break it off by saying that I don’t think our personalities match and that we should probably avoid future misunderstandings by ending this at an early stage.

But some people still don’t get it. No matter how much you try to explain to them that they simply cannot know EVERYTHING, it just doesn’t work. Somewhere inside their heads they’re certain nothing beats their intelligence; they might have  misinterpreted some signs and concluded that they were the chosen ones amongst us ignorant peasants. Maybe they had those parents that kept telling them they were always better than everyone else and that they could be anything so they decided to be all-knowing. I don’t know. And no matter how many times you insult them for being so stuck up and cocky about it, they won’t care, even if all their friends leave them, even if they were alone in some deserted land and their only way of getting saved was admitting that they don’t know everything, they will hold on; they will never let it go. They will always know everything, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Well I hope they know that their attitude is eventually going to kill them. Maybe some day they’ll “know” that cup’s not Hydrochloric acid and drink it. I just hope they know that they’ll never know it all.

So until next time, try to resist punching those people, make your way out of bad friendships as soon as you can, listen to others every once in a while, never pretend you know stuff, and keep blogging.

School: Out!


You hear that? The sound of no alarm at 6 AM, the sound of no teachers bitching around, the sound  of no tests, no complaints, no crying and pre-test all nighters. That is the sound of freedom

…until September 1st when I have to go back there against my will, but it’ll be my last year in that hell hole. That’s the only silver lining that cloud’s got.

Well, since school’s out I guess I’ll have to find myself something else to complain about for the summer. Don’t worry, I’m sure something will come up sooner or later. Until then, I’ll make sure I update you on my boring life although I do have a few things in mind for this summer. I sure do hope it’ll be more eventful than the past ones.

I think I deserve to pamper myself a bit now, so I’ll make myself a DIY coffee facial scrub and then take a long shower to get those last traces of school out of my system.

I have an idea for a mini poem. I’ll work on it tomorrow, so make sure you give it a read.

Until next time, fellow bloggers, enjoy your summer, pamper yourself, stay optimistic (although most of the time I’m not), and keep blogging!

Where Confusion Meets Bad Timing

Last time I posted something here I was getting emotionally prepared to give up my social life for a while because, you know, finals suck the life out of you- both your physical and social life.

The past few weeks I’ve spent studying, complaining, taking advantage of whatever free time I get to catch up on sleep, and, of course, procrastinating. I never slept, though; I usually just lay down because I can’t seem to fall asleep during the day.

Only yesterday did it occur to me that I miss my virtual social friends and activity. Yes, that’s you, WordPress buddies! I miss the drive when I type up a post, the thrill I get when I get a notification, the mini happy dance I do when I get a new Reader on board, and the connection I feel when I read the posts on my Dashboard.

I could update you on what’s been going on for me, only that there’s not much worth mentioning besides what I said at the beginning, that I feel like crap about school and can’t wait for this torture to end.

And like, shit, what the Hell happened to OM? I read a post saying his blog’s still there, but he’s somehow disappeared? What in the world on while I was away? I used to read his blog every single day, and when I went away for a while he fucking goes missing? Sheesh. If any of you knows what happened please let me know; I’m very confused right now.

Talk about confusion, I came home from school today with a massive headache, lay there on my bed, and somehow fell asleep. I never sleep during the afternoon- like never- but I woke up 4 hours later with o idea of who I am and why I’m here. I thought I’d died in my sleep or something and was in some alternate universe. I really don’t know. I checked my phone and realised it was still Monday, and I was home alone. I called my mom and she said she had an appointment at the dentist’s, so I just sat there watching TV till someone came home and I no longer felt so lost. I was surprisingly energized and my headache was gone. I like naps now.

So until next time, keep your social life active, watch out for your mental health, keep an eye out for your friends so they don’t go missing, take as many little naps as you can, and don’t forget to keep blogging.