Abrupt Update

Okay, maybe I should cut down my coffee consumption. It’s almost bed time for me and I feel like monkey on crack. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight, shit, and I’m one of those people whose entire day gets fucked over if their sleep schedule is disrupted. It’s not as easy as it seems – not drinking coffee – BECAUSE LIKE HAVE YOU TASTED COFFEE? SMELLED COFFEE? SEEN THE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE AROMATIC GRANULES FALL GRACEFULLY INTO THAT MUG OF YOURS ONLY TO GET DISSOLVED BY STEAMY WATER AND MAKE UP THE MOST SATISFYING THING YOUR TASTE BUDS WILL EXPERIENCE?

That was the coffee speaking. Ugh, self-advertising on my blog. Who does it think it is, that attractive little seducer? NO. STOP. CUT IT OFF. DAMN.
It’s confirmed. No sleep tonight…
Lads and ladettes of WordPress, I bid you farewell.


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