Smells Like Spring Spirit

Heeeeey I’ve done it again. Punny post titles. This is another band I really like, Nirvana. It’s a nice way for whoever reads my very basic blog to get a glimpse of my musical preferences.

It’s quite a beautiful day today. The sun’s finally up, and it feels refreshing. I’m eager to get out and do something productive today. I really need the sun to melt my sadness away. Just looking outside and seeing the clear blue sky and the beautiful green landscape jump-starts my mind.
How’s the weather wherever you are?

Until then, enjoy the sun while it’s up, get out and get those stiff joints moving, smile like an idiot and let go of the child caged inside, and keep blogging!


9 thoughts on “Smells Like Spring Spirit

      1. I didn’t want to give off information about myself, but I’ll try to make it subtle. Let’s just say it’s 10:46 right now on a Saturday morning in a tiny Middle-Eastern country whose traffic law was put to use just 3 days ago.


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