Busy, Busy Me

Damn. It’s been a month or more since I last had time to update my blog. Wow.

In my defense, I have had the most stuffed, demanding, stay-up-all-night month yet, and the best part is, it’s not even over. There’s more…

How foolish of me to think I was good at multitasking… Does being ‘good’ mean that you end up gaining weight from stress-eating all day, looking like a zombie from barely caring for yourself, and living in a messy, tent-like compartment that is your bedroom? If so, I must be really good.

Alongside the basic, shitty-enough schoolwork and examination, I, mistakenly, have taken on extra tasks to fill my time with (because yes, I totally needed that extra stress, you know).

I have taken on the responsibility of competing in two, not one, two, public speaking competitions which means I have to prepare two, not one, speeches on two varying topics. HELL YEAH. In addition, I have signed up for a poetry competition at UNESCO and volunteered to present a Power Point project to my class.

Basically, I spent last March working on my first speech, delivered it last week, was not lucky enough to win top three, and came home to work on my second speech, which I also have no hope of coming in any of the three top ranks. I have to admit I have not yet begun practicing my poem, nor have I prepared my project, but there’s always the night before!

Kidding, I never do that. I guess I’ll find time for those later in between studying both for school and for my SATs and finishing everything else.


Well that was a rather unexciting update. I’m still alive. I’m holding up.

Until then, I’d say hold on, it gets better – although it hasn’t yet – get plenty of sleep, clean your room, drink loads of coffee, and keep going.


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