Two-Week Overview

I’ve had quite a couple of weeks now; I learned a lot, worked a lot, studied a lot, and had lots of fun. How, you ask? Here’s how it went.

So the week before I worked my ass off; I had a test or two every day, barely slept, and was stressed as hell all week. Luckily, I aced my math test (got a 98%), did great on my chemistry and history, and, well, I’m still waiting for my physics scores to come out, but let’s hope I did well.

I registered for the SAT on May 2nd (the lady over there was scary and kept scolding the others for filling in their registration forms incorrectly), got new clothes (sales period is awesome!), and attended a mandatory public speaking workshop for my upcoming speech next month.

Yes, yes, I’m in a public speaking competition. Being the little bundle of awkwardness and anxiety that I am, I never imagined I’d get myself to compete in public speaking; to me, that was theΒ most terrifying thing. Well, besides math, of course. But one of my teachers once told me something about challenging myself and putting myself in new situations. It’s what he called ‘self-discovery’. He did almost everything you could think of.Β Trust me, I’ve asked… And it seemed like he knew much more about himself through trying new things. He told me to try, test my abilities in that field, and then decide whether or not that was the thing for me. This competition was quite unexpected, frankly, but I took my teacher’s advice and went for it. I thought about it before I signed up and realized I had nothing to lose, yet so much to gain. First, I’d get over my fear and anxiety of speaking in public because even ordering pizza over the phone stresses me out. Second, there was a mandatory workshop involved, and I thought I’d learn a lot about how to write and give out a speech, considering I’d have to speak a lot in the near future. (Graduation, job interviews, meetings, etc…) Third and most importantly, I’d get a 50% scholarship into the university that want if I win; see, the competition is organized by a university, which happens to be the university that I have in mind for when I graduate.Β Sick, right?!

I’ve been working on that speech of mine for a week, and it’s going great so far. Other than that, I went out with my friends quite a lot considering I’m such an introvert I go out about twice a month (besides going to school), so yeah, it was fun. I met new people, got lots of new clothes, and tried new food. I just might be a little happier than usual, but I know it won’t last, so I’m making the most of it.

So take those chances and challenge yourself, study hard, work like you mean it, and in the middle of all that don’t forget to have yourself a kick ass time.


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