Blizzard Bliss

I hate cold weather; the clouds, the rain, the freezing wind…it all puts me in a bad mood, but this year has been different, and I’m hoping this storm lasts forever.
This is the 3rd snowstorm to hit the country, and because some teachers and students live in areas where the snow makes it impossible for them to make it to school, we have gotten so many days off. Not to mention the insanely low temperatures which in no way provide a proper learning atmosphere. (It’s never been this cold in our country, so not all schools have proper heating systems.)

Anyway, I was supposed to take a huge Math test tomorrow. Trigonometry, ew.
The class thought we needed more time to study; Thursday afternoon was certainly not enough to cover to chapters, and I agreed. During break my friends and I were about to talk to the principal about it, but no one could find her. She was busy taking care of some idiots who decided to run around in the rain outside while the rest of us spent recess indoors. She did, however, pass by our classes to inform us that the Math test will not be postponed, and that any student who decides to cut school tomorrow will be punished. That made me very angry and nervous. I could not possibly study properly during such a limited period of time.
When I arrived home, I had lunch hurriedly, rushed into the shower, and prepared my desk so that I can study peacefully.
Right when I opened my notebook, the sound of my sister screaming startled me, so I rushed only to find her jumping in excitement. Continuing to dance, she pointed to the TV. I could not believe it, either. It was the news channel, and it said the Ministry of Education has declared that all schools be closed until Monday morning due to the weather conditions. FUCKING YES!
I was instantly relieved and joined my sister in her little dance. That shitty Math test was never meant to be, after all.
I am typing this while in bed, covered and tucked in with my tea mug prepped to my side and book on my lap. What a time to be alive.

That’s all concerning the unexpected turn of events occurring today.
Until next time, enjoy the warmth and comfort of your beautiful bed, read a book, and chill.


2 thoughts on “Blizzard Bliss

  1. hahaha! loved having snow days, but I live in a climate where the snow falls all the time and our school system never shut down because we all were used to it. enjoy the storm. hope you do well on the test.

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