A Moment Of Social Interaction

This blog has become one of the things that I’ve grown attached to although I’ve only been here for about a month. I don’t know… I’m one of those people who easily develop feelings for people/things, and it’ hard to let go.

I came back home with the nagging desire to post something, anything, on here, so this is it. No big deal.

Despite my being a renowned introvert, I really like making friends. I do, however, prefer that the friendship be made from a distance first before we actually formally meet and talk, mainly because I’m socially awkward, and because I’m a major creep around people I’m not very familiar with. Reasonable, right?

Speaking of friends, I’ve recently made friends with a few people. It was unexpected, but it happened, anyway. They were added to a group of friends of mine, and the chatting went on as usual. The subject of music was suddenly brought up. My field, yes. 

Most of my friendships were made based on common musical interest, and this was no exception. As soon as they started listing their favorite bands I went crazy; it was insane how similar our tastes were and how many bands we had in common. For some reason it was surprising to them that I was into genres like Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. I know, right? Anyway, they liked it, and so did I. I’m not so certain we’re friends just yet, but I like them; I really do.

Until then, keep an eye out for those little gems; you just might make great friendships like I have.


7 thoughts on “A Moment Of Social Interaction

  1. Its very reasonable to be uncomfortable around strangers, I think most people are. As you have quite rightly pointed out, music can really bring people together and is a great way to make friends. In my teens, all my friends were based around our mutual love of Heavy Metal and Rock Music. We used to take it turns to go to each others houses, when the parents were out, put on music and head-bang the day away. Great post :]

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    1. Thank you for reading. Yes, music is how most of my friendships started; that and books. When I see someone around school with a book I like, I try to strike up a conversation with them. It either turns out well or it doesn’t. Anyway, I’m thankful for all the friends I have.

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