Message On A Wall


Found this among the gossip and phone numbers on the wall in a bathroom stall. It made me so happy.


Got A Bus You Can Share?

Looking down on my schedule for the coming two weeks, I am seriously, frankly, wholeheartedly considering dropping out of school to live on a bus.
Soooo…. got a bus we can share? If so, be kind enough as to mention it in the comments; I’ll get right up and pack my bags.
If you don’t hear from me by the end of this week, at least, well… I may have already hitchhiked my way down to Egypt to work in some cabaret or perform a contortion act on the streets or something. (Yeah I’m not bad at those.)

Okay. That’s it. I’m out.

Oddly Over

Clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine, quite an unexpected morning considering we were warned of the raging storm Windy, which was supposed to last until Monday morning. This morning, however, Windy seems to have left us already. The huge storm is oddly over and the weather is beautiful.
I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this; I’m not the biggest fan of snow storms and below-zero temperatures, but I’m kind of unhappy it ended.
Weird, I know…
Maybe now I can study without getting up every half an hour to make myself a boiling cup of tea or fetch an extra blanket or two. Maybe I can go out for a stroll in the morning sunlight or make plans for the afternoon with my friends. Oh wait, I can’t do that. I’m supposed to study. Ugh.
I can still gulp down tea all day because it makes me feel warm and cozy on the inside. I can still get those blankets to cover up with, but I guess one would be enough. I can still study like I always do, so why does it feel so different this time?

Here’s why:
I’ve always envied others who have free time while I have to do something so excruciating, like study, when it’s so perfectly sunny and warm outside. It just so happens that every year during Finals week I lock myself indoors for God knows how long a day so that I can get some shit done while the kids are outside, tossing the ball around and running so freely, smiles so wide and laughs so loud they resonate in my skull all day. Maybe that’s why I find more comfort in this weather, especially when I’m bound to do something I don’t quite enjoy. It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one who can’t get out and have fun. I’m quite sure this is one of my most dreaded traits, but I can’t help but feel that way although it haunts me later on. I’m trying to get it out of myself; it’s relatively less evident than it used to be when I was younger. I mean, I used to cry like I’d just lost a child or something, but now I just stand at my window and stare. Sometimes I catch myself smiling. I feel happy that those kids are happily enjoying their care-free days, but then I remember I’m not a kid like them anymore, or maybe I am, so that’s why I’m acting so foolishly about it. I don’t really know.

So for now, head out and enjoy your Saturday with friends and family or by yourself. Bask in the sun and take in the fresh air while you can, and I’ll find myself a way to suck it up and stop being such a child.

Blizzard Bliss

I hate cold weather; the clouds, the rain, the freezing wind…it all puts me in a bad mood, but this year has been different, and I’m hoping this storm lasts forever.
This is the 3rd snowstorm to hit the country, and because some teachers and students live in areas where the snow makes it impossible for them to make it to school, we have gotten so many days off. Not to mention the insanely low temperatures which in no way provide a proper learning atmosphere. (It’s never been this cold in our country, so not all schools have proper heating systems.)

Anyway, I was supposed to take a huge Math test tomorrow. Trigonometry, ew.
The class thought we needed more time to study; Thursday afternoon was certainly not enough to cover to chapters, and I agreed. During break my friends and I were about to talk to the principal about it, but no one could find her. She was busy taking care of some idiots who decided to run around in the rain outside while the rest of us spent recess indoors. She did, however, pass by our classes to inform us that the Math test will not be postponed, and that any student who decides to cut school tomorrow will be punished. That made me very angry and nervous. I could not possibly study properly during such a limited period of time.
When I arrived home, I had lunch hurriedly, rushed into the shower, and prepared my desk so that I can study peacefully.
Right when I opened my notebook, the sound of my sister screaming startled me, so I rushed only to find her jumping in excitement. Continuing to dance, she pointed to the TV. I could not believe it, either. It was the news channel, and it said the Ministry of Education has declared that all schools be closed until Monday morning due to the weather conditions. FUCKING YES!
I was instantly relieved and joined my sister in her little dance. That shitty Math test was never meant to be, after all.
I am typing this while in bed, covered and tucked in with my tea mug prepped to my side and book on my lap. What a time to be alive.

That’s all concerning the unexpected turn of events occurring today.
Until next time, enjoy the warmth and comfort of your beautiful bed, read a book, and chill.

I Crave A Makeover

I kinda want to trim my bangs. They’ve grown out a lot since last year, and they’re starting to bug me.
But the thing is, I like my hair that way. Last year, I cut my hair short; shorter than shoulder level, and ended up looking like a pom pom with a face. (In case you’re wondering, I have curly African hair which is tricky because it shrinks and appears shorter than it is. Ah, the struggle.)
Anyway, I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out more than I usually do, and it’s grown pretty fast because I’ve been following a hair treatment schedule, and it’s working out perfectly. I want to layer my hair, sort of like this:


This is not me, but it’s similar to my hair type, almost the same colour, too, but without the lowlights. My hair is a bit shorter with a bit less volume, but I’m getting there. I kinda want to make it lighter in colour. I want to use chammomile spray, which works beautifully, but it’s winter, and I need to bathe in the sun for a while. Guess that’ll have to wait.
I used to get teased for my hair alot; people used to throw pens and watch how they stick in there, and it made me very insecure about myself. I’ve learned to love myself and my hair, to embrace the way I am and not give a damn what people thought, and I think everyone should do that because it’s very liberating, trust me.

So if you’re upset about what people tell you or how they judge you, make sure you decide better than to listen to any of them. You’re better off being confident than waiting for others to tell you to do so.

A Moment Of Social Interaction

This blog has become one of the things that I’ve grown attached to although I’ve only been here for about a month. I don’t know… I’m one of those people who easily develop feelings for people/things, and it’ hard to let go.

I came back home with the nagging desire to post something, anything, on here, so this is it. No big deal.

Despite my being a renowned introvert, I really like making friends. I do, however, prefer that the friendship be made from a distance first before we actually formally meet and talk, mainly because I’m socially awkward, and because I’m a major creep around people I’m not very familiar with. Reasonable, right?

Speaking of friends, I’ve recently made friends with a few people. It was unexpected, but it happened, anyway. They were added to a group of friends of mine, and the chatting went on as usual. The subject of music was suddenly brought up. My field, yes. 

Most of my friendships were made based on common musical interest, and this was no exception. As soon as they started listing their favorite bands I went crazy; it was insane how similar our tastes were and how many bands we had in common. For some reason it was surprising to them that I was into genres like Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. I know, right? Anyway, they liked it, and so did I. I’m not so certain we’re friends just yet, but I like them; I really do.

Until then, keep an eye out for those little gems; you just might make great friendships like I have.