Beautiful Poetry

The following poem is not of my own work; it is a piece I found on Wattpad a few years ago, written by a user whose name I have failed to remember. Credits go to their rightful owner.

Holding it seems so natural; so innate.
She breathes in, the music pours out and fills her soul completely.
As the bow glides on red strings, the therapeutic sound traps her in a cycle she cannot leave.
The melody catches her tears; the silence creates them.
Addicted to the song she plays for eternity.
The music blinds her, for she cannot see
That her violin is broken, and so is she.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Poetry

    1. As a matter of fact, I remembered this poem as I was reading your recent update about your new page. I’d memorized it a few years ago, but had to dig through my Facebook profile all the way back to 2012 when I’d first shared it on my profile. (trust me I wish I could erase every trace of my ever existing back then; it was painful looking at my posts, all but this one.)

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