About A Bird


It’s been 2 days. This bird, now called Kevin, has been paying frequent visits to perch on the edge of my balcony and do his bird business. He usually sits there for a good 10 minutes, flutters away, but eventually finds his way back to this distinctive spot, which, needless to say, he has now officially claimed his own.
I’m not sure whether or not his appearing on my balcony the past few days is purely coincidential or a sign of some sort because last year, during the same time (midterms week) a black bird mysteriously appeared in my bathroom. The reason I’m slightly uncomfortable about this is that the bird happened to die in my bathroom.

Parental advisory: the following may contain graphic imagery not suitable for young readers. Reader discretion is advised.
Just kidding. Stick around.
So on the morning of a fairly average day, I was woken up by the sound of the school bus arriving to pick up my siblings to school. I had midterms, so normally I was at home to study. I slipped out of bed straight to the kitchen, made myself grilled cheese sandwiches, a mug of tea, and sat in the living room to eat and watch TV. I returned to the kitchen to flush down my supplement pills with a glass of water when I heard a strange rattle in the bathroom near the kitchen door. Holding my breath for a moment, I stopped and waited for the sound to come back. It didn’t. Guess that’s no big deal…
The noise came back as I opened the fridge to replace the cheese. I shoved it in immediately and walked slowly towards the bathroom door, trying not to make a sound. The door was opened, so I peered to check what it was when a black, hand-sized object bolted towards the corner. No longer within my field of vision, I could not tell exactly what it was but immediately assumed it was a mouse. I rushed to call my dad for help when I heard it flutter and knock off shampoo bottle or something. A mouse with wings?
I stood still, too terrified to move a muscle when the little being hopped out of the bathroom door and stood on its tiny feet, staring at me. It was an innocent black bird which obviously found its way inside when my siblings left the house that morning. My fear was washed away at the sight of this bird hopping on the floor. Suddenly I remembered that it was a bird, which meant it had wings and could fly.
If that thing starts flying, I’m leaving the house.
The moment I lifted my foot, birdy scurried right back into the bathroom. I quickly closed the bathroom door. I don’t know if that was a smart move. I feel quite guilty now; we’re getting to that part. Anyway, I kept the door closed until my dad stopped by the house a few hours later. During that time, I constantly looked through the keyhole to check on my winged house-mate. He seemed to be comfortable perched on the toilet seat.
When dad came home I told him about our visitor, so he opened the door slowly and called me.
“Uh.. there’s nothing in here.”
“What do you mean there’s nothing in here? There’s a bird in our bathroom, it was sitting right over-”
And then I saw it. Inside the toilet was the lifeless body of little birdy. Face down and eerily still. I felt terrible, almost like I’d shoved him down there myself, and I still get a pang in my heart every time I see a bird.
Yeah, that’s what happened to the last bird that showed up here. I don’t know if I’ll end up killing this one, too. I sure hope not.

Lesson of the day is: stay away from birds, well, animals. They sure can break your heart.


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