Blurred… Lines?

I broke the only pair of glass-

I can see it’s been a terrible day… Well, actually I can’t. 

Apparently, getting up late just wasn’t enough to screw up my entire day. Yes, being up late does indeed screw up my entire day because I happen to be a very punctual person and tend to get very nervous if I miss a minute. So I’m just going to jump to the part where I tell you I broke my glasses and saw nothing all day.

I only owned one pair of glasses, and I broke them on the morning of a school day. Well first I thought it wasn’t much of a big deal; I’ll just take a seat in the front row or copy off someone’s notebook, easy. But there was more to it than just that. I had to walk up and down the staircase, through the hallways, to my desk, heck, I had to spend an hour of recess looking at blurred outlines of people, or things, that I could hardly make out.

I beat my brains out trying to remember if I’d done drugs that morning. The sight of almost 400 misty silhouettes made me feel so punch-drunk that I almost fell to the floor. Squinting like a bag of nails, I saw the unmistakable figure of one of my friends; a tall blonde jumping like a bunny. I gave her a plain smile as she led me towards the others.

When the bell rang I exhaled in relief. I’m never happy to get to class, but at least I’d be squinting at 30 or so people, not a bloody swarm. I asked a guy in the front seat to switch seats for the day, and he kindly did. I had the last seat by the corner. Well I’d called dibs on that seat since the first day mainly because I like to avoid being the center of attention, and frequently posed questions, at the front. Also, I somehow find comfort in having a wall behind me; it makes me feel…secure. Anyway, I sat right in front of the board, and although I was only about a meter and a half away, I saw nothing, and the backlight from the screen gave me a thumping headache.

I was starting to doze off when my Maths teacher called out for me to get to the board. No, I will not calculate the limit of that damned curve. I’d like to think it’s going to Hell. “I can’t see without my glasses, and I have a terrible headache.”, I finally said. She immediately picked another student to do the filthy work. With or without my glasses, I’d never get up to solve a Maths equation, ever.

By the end of third period I was nauseated, and it carried on along with the headache till the end of the day. It got terribly worse on the bus ride home, of course, because there was no better way to top it all off.

I got home, thrust my backpack against the wall, threw myself on the bed and slept for 2 hours. I rarely to never sleep during the day, not even a nap, but I just couldn’t hold myself for one more second.

So what I’ve learned is:  always keep a spare pair of your important things like, I don’t know… GLASSES? And keep practicing how to resist punching people in the nose when they ask how many fingers they’re holding up for you. You never know when a teacher suddenly appears behind you.

p.s. I didn’t really punch anyone. I wasn’t raised on a fucking barn.


6 thoughts on “Blurred… Lines?

  1. Ahhahahahaha, yessss. Was this the post you were talking about? I love it. I happen to have corrective lenses as well… I’ve never broken them, but I’ve lost them plenty of times to know that it’s always good to have a spare pair.
    Except that I am still depressingly lacking in a spare pair of spectacles. But I digress.
    Keep up the wonderful writing. Any style you choose is perfect. Keep being brilliant.
    And best of luck with the glasses. I do hope your day ended much better than it started.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I ended up getting new ones on the same day. My headache disappeared as soon as I started seeing again, and I slept like a baby that night. I do have a spare pair now! Yay.
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading – although I wouldn’t say it was brilliant – but hey, I’m not complaining. (Someone actually likes my writing. Wow.)
      Again, thank you so much for reading. Definitely hoping to read more of your blog entries (and sweet comments for that matter)

      Liked by 1 person

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