I wake up
worn out and disoriented
to a pitch-black enclosure

I creep out of bed
reaching out for something to hold on to

Chilled to the bone
I stumble on the moist floor
Blood, I can smell it

A few steps further send me falling down
Hovering in an endless abyss

I hold my breath
Desperate heartbeats lead them my way

“Run”, they say sardonically
But the walls close in
With every step I take

Forsaking my powers
I stiffen in my spot
Eyeing them as they approach me

The smirks on their distorted faces
Light up their trenchant claws

They plunge them into my lungs
And twist them forcibly

They let out sinister laughs
As I fade away

I arouse again
Wan and out of breath

The beasts have ceased to exist
I am home
I am safe
I am alive.


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